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Choosing A Brand

02/12/2017 03:58
  1. Step 5

    Choose a computer brand based on quality, price and technical support.

  2. Step 6

    Based on your likely needs, determined earlier, figure out the core configuration you need, including processor and speed, amount of RAM and hard drive size.

  3. Step 7

    Determine additional drives you need: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD recorder, Zip.

  4. Step 8

    Select peripherals and additional hardware such as modems, sound cards, video cards and speakers.

  5. Step 9

    Decide how many extra internal card slots and disk-drive bays you'll need in order to allow room for future expansion.

  6. Step 10

    Determine what pre-installed software you want or need. Get at least an operating system, such as Windows, an anti-virus program, and programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and keeping your checkbook.

  7. Step 11

    Choose the length of warranty or service coverage appropriate to your needs.