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There is no such thing as a computer manufacturer who has a perfect history with all its users. Therefore when it comes to recommending one brand over another it would be impossible for us to say who's better than the other. (dba Shopping)

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All computer manufacturers will give you the option to buy additional accessories when buying a new computer. Keep the below in mind before buying these add-ons.

  • Make sure your buying accessories you actually need. For example, almost all new computers will include a keyboard and mouse. Also if you're upgrading from an older computer many of your older peripherals and accessories may be compatible with the new computer.
  • If you're buying your computer online, check elsewhere. Many accessories available through the computer manufacturer are sold at a premium price.

In this part you can describe the project's history and give reasons for its creation. It is convinient to mention project milestones and honor participating people. (dba Shopping)



  1. What type of service is offered? Is the service onsite, meaning a technician will come to your location to replace or fix a bad component. If the service is onsite, is it for the complete time of the warranty?
  2. If onsite is not offered, what is and for how long?
  3. Can the computer be taken to a local service center? If yes, what is the closest authorized service center?
  4. What is the time frame the service takes to occur? For example, if the computer has a bad component, what is the time it will take for a technician to come onsite and replace that component, or if sent in how long does it take? Finally, if that time frame is not acceptable, what is the company willing to do, for example, are they willing to provide you with a loaned computer.